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If you are a resident of Earl Shilton you may be familiar with the sights and sounds of the High Street, but have you ever looked up and seen the now famous clock on the side of Home Matters?

In 1980 Barwell and Earl Shilton Lions were made custodians of this civic clock and funds were raised for it's upkeeping and move to another building. 


Now, over 40 years later, we need the Town's help.

Barwell and Earl Shilton Lions intend to raise funds to repair the clock and it's memorial plaque.

First erected by Mr Alfred C. Toon on the corner of his company, Premier Works, at the junction of Wood Street and Land Society Lane, the clock was in memory of employees who died in the First World War. 

The clock was taken down when the factory was demolished following two fires in 1978 and 1979. The clock was then passed to the Borough Council as custodians who in turn awarded Barwell and Earl Shilton Lions its custodianship. The clock was fitted to the factory of Nicholls and Wileman in Wood Street. This factory then closed and the clock fell into disrepair and was heavily vandalised so it was removed for its on safety.

The clock was then refurbished by its manufacturer, Gents of Leicester and fitted to the side of its current home. In September 1980 a plaque was unveiled by the then Mayor, Councillor Mrs Rita Aldridge to celebrate it's new home and as a memorial to the fallen of World War One.

Unveiling Ceremony

The unveiling ceremony of the current location of the 'Toon Clock' in September 1980.

The photograph features:

  • The Mayor, Councillor Mrs Rita Aldridge

  • Mr Carl Kings of Barwell and Earl Shilton Lions Club

  • Members of the Lions Club

Permission has been sought from Hinckley Times owners for the reproduction of this photo.

Toon Clock Ceremony Sept 1980 CROP.jpg

What are your memories of the Toon Clock?

We would love to hear your memories of the Toon Clock.

Did you or someone you know work at the factory?  

Do you have fond memories of the clock?

Please let us know your memories by filling in the details to the right. It will be sent to us where we intend to publish our history of the clock and it's restoration.

Thanks for submitting. We may contact you for more information to help us with the history of the clock.

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