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Spectacle Collection

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As Lions we wish to improve the sight and life chances of people by collecting and recycling glasses. This project equally impacts Environmental issues as we have made a commitment that none of the collected spectacles will go to land fill.

Some of the spectacles we collect will be recycled to have a second use as they are broken or unsuitable but not one single pair of spectacles is sent to landfill.

Some of the spectacles we receive go on to help children and adults in developing countries to enjoy a better quality of life. Countries that have received spectacles from Lions include Brazil, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Senegal, Greece, Amazon River Basin, Nepal, Ethiopia, Jordan, Cuba, Mongolia, Peru, Honduras, Guatemala, The Dominican Republic, Panama and Indonesia

 Lions will work with Medico in France to continue to get suitable spectacles moved on to those that need them.  In the meantime we are working with other Charities that ship various items abroad and they want to offer our spectacles to those that don't experience the standards of eye care that we have at our disposal. Spectacles have already been shipped to The Gambia, Chad and Tanzania. Many will experience corrected vision for the first time, enabling them to read, attend school, gain employment and take care of their families.

Your support in donating your spectacles will go a long way to play a key role in the success of this most worthwhile project.  please do not include spectacle cases or the cleaning cloths Lions HQ will also take hearing aids, which are duly refurbished or stripped for parts & will subsequently benefit the most in need.

We will shortly be setting up some local collection points in our area  please keep an eye out for our collection bins !!!

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